As the operating environment is getting complex day by day for organizational structures, transformation of functional areas has to be in harmony with the over all business strategy too. Total network solutions helps you in achieving and sustaining success through strategic, functional and process transformation that allows improved performance, increased effectiveness, reduced costs and enhanced resilience. Our consultancy services are a key differentiator as we consult and lead organizational and business process transformation. We introduce leading edge practices and offer business advisory, IT consulting and risk and compliance services to multiple leading organizations, governments and institutions.

TNS consultants are:

  • Experts in their field, professional and thoroughly vetted by the Organizational values.
  • A powerful network that forms brilliant teams with right expertise and skills for each project
  • Vendor-independent, and deliver unbiased client focused recommendations.

Why Engage TNS consultant?

TNS gives you an option to:

  • Save your money.
  • An expert guidance to optimal information and communications technology (ICT) solution saving time.
  • Be confident that you’ve hired best

Just as not any two businesses are same, so is true for IT strategies and IT solutions. In order to determine the exact need, consulting with experienced professionals is a critical step. Consulting reveals details about business processes that need regular improvement. With the priority and goals much clear, we can devise a plan that proposes the most effective technologies and process to achieve it.

We accompany businesses in every stage in their IT journey: from the initial realization of the need to address their existing architecture right through to the design, delivery and installations of the solutions. Our complete end-to-end IT consultancy services can ensure a seamless business journey that results in business transformation you are expecting. Our clients work with us because our IT consultancy services don’t just stop post-implementation but we evolve and progress our relationship with you to ensure continual business success.

Consulting is essential for both the projects and strategies proper execution in large organizational structures. Organizations that have IT strategies and SMART goals will be more competitive in future. IT strategy helps businesses find better ways to penetrate and capture the market, save overheads and improve productivity. Our clients with TNS Care contracts receive a strategic plan every year – a direct evaluation of our consultants and experts. We also provide interim “Action Plans” to address small, tactical IT improvements during the entire course of year. Organizations that wish to grow and improve continuously need to inculcate IT planning and competitive strategies in their operations. So all you need to do is: provide us a brief of your organizational vision and goals, your constraints and limitations, your strengths and core competencies and your position in the market. In return we come up with a plan and idea to enhance your current efficiencies meanwhile improving you in areas of weakness that increase ROI and market share.

Total Network Solutions

Total network solutions, is one of the most credible and respected business enterprises in Pakistan, well known for its IT solutions and strong commitment to vision and stakeholders. read more

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