Since the launch of this technology in Pakistan in 2014, a massive increase in mobile data usage can be seen. Total network solutions provides with 3G/4G networking solution that are all cloud-managed, allowing central IT resources to remotely configure and monitor all devices in the vicinity. With advanced features available, IT teams are able to extend corporate policies and practices to the edge of network.

As more and more enterprises are moving to cloud-based and centralized business applications the priority is the need to access instant connectivity. 3G/4G deployment connectivity ensures an instant, secure and reliable solution that connects businesses from the day one , allowing new sites and locations to work at full capacity regardless of availability of fixed line. The evolution of LTE, and development of product solutions benefitting from multiple cellular connections shows how 3G/4G has become a tremendous alternative to fixed line.

The major benefits of using the cellular for connectivity include, complete absence of lead times and deployment within days instead of weeks and months, simple installation for plug and play connectivity services, minimized disruption as a result of reliable connectivity solution form day one, cloud-managed for easy monitoring and management.

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