As digital life expands into more areas of society and business the constant access to send and receive data has become central. The need for fiber-optic transmission is increasing rapidly in order to cope up with the bandwidth requirement solely driven by video related services and new applications. It is critical for network performance and user experience to bring the optical fiber point-of-presence as close to user as possible. As a result the radio cells have shrunk in size and require coordination through optical based protocols. This has lead to fiber deployment into existing mobile access networks, and has also opened up new business opportunities to connect public buildings, homes and enterprises along the way to a converged “one access” network.

Building fiber-optic networks is a capital-intensive process requiring careful planning and project execution. Our fiber network deployment solution provides a complete range of professional services enabling innovative revenue generating media services. The solutions comprise of detailed end-to-end solutions that surpass all stages of planning, designing and implementation. They also provide with the opportunity to select most suitable passive fiber products.

Our solutions also facilitate the changes needed to adapt to dynamic business models and monetize fiber network for years to come.

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