VoIP that stands for “voice over internet protocol”, commonly referred to as internet phone, is a much cost effective and reliable means for businesses and home-owners to make calls not only across towns but across world too. This newer technology is being utilized extensively by cable companies offering bundled internet, phone services and television services. Total network solution specializes in providing this service to customers at reasonable rates along with tons of additional features.

Many people have a very limited knowledge of VoIP as they generally think that it is only limited to communication services like FaceTime and Skype but this is just one aspect of what VoIP can truly offer. The phenomenon is simple- user makes phone calls over high speed Internet rather than phone lines. Also this technology can be used to connect through the Internet using traditional telephone equipment just like a regular line. We also provide mobile or tablet apps allowing customers to make calls on the device (assuming it to be connected to WI-FI at the time).

VoIp solutions are beneficial as they save clients significant amounts of money as they offer much cheaper international and long-distance rates and lower the monthly bill. Apart from this VoIP based services are ideal for residences and businesses and also for home offices. We have varied plans based on Different needs of the client, amount of minutes given per month and on the willingness of the client to sign a long-term contract. We offer services that have these following basic features:

  • Detailed caller identification
  • Ability to make a block call list
  • Enhanced 911 dialing for emergency calls
  • Call waiting
  • Easy to use online account management
  • Voicemail options
  • Long distance calling
  • Ability to forward calls

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