At TNS we have the requisite industry & technology experience to solve complex business and technology problems. We not only understand technology but also exhibit a passion for understanding its impact on business.

How do I know you are the right IT service provider?

Choosing the right IT service provider for your firm could be a challenging task, however we make it easier for you through our consultations services. Our team of experts will list all activities that shall be performed in order to fulfill your business needs and will present to you the entire plan. It is completely your choice to decide whether you wish to benefit form our services, but the framework we provide you shall remove all queries form your mind and enable you to make a better decision.

Can you ensure effective communication?

We believe that in current business structures, it is all about effective communication. If systems face any kind of un-stability, one should be able to reach support and acquire immediate assistance. We make it possible for you, which is why our clients enjoy smooth running of IT infrastructures. We are 24/7 available via email to respond to your queries and during office hours our customer support shall guide you in every possible manner till you are satisfied.

Do we upgrade on regular basis or wait for some problems to occur?

As we know that the world of IT alters in no time and systems need upgrading on a regular basis, so we always watch out for all the latest technologies that may improve your business efficiency and profitability. We inform you of course, before implementing and after your consent make the required changes. At TNS we conduct regular review meetings to look for better opportunities and innovative methods to improve business operations, lower costs, increase efficiencies and eliminate future potential problems.

Do you compensate for your mistakes?

This is one big question we come across when working with new clients. Trust us, we believe in transparency and we serve our clients not only to make money but to bring into existence a long-term profitable work-relation. All our projects are fixed price and we guarantee them to be completed on time in given budget.

Are you pro-active or reactive?

Our 360 degree IT care system continuously keeps an eye over your network ensuring smooth running of operations and sending immediate alerts if any issues are detected.

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