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VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol provides a wide range of benefits to organizations, when integrated it to their communication systems. VoIP systems are a lot cheaper compared to traditional telephone lines and offer services for users to make calls even in peak hours.

Nowadays, a large number of businesses such as call centers, software houses and telemarketing companies are investing in VoIP systems. Despite an immense competition, TNS has been successfully offering strong VoIP connection to its clientele for several years. We offer following features to every organization:

  • Comprehensive caller identification
  • Anonymous Call Rejection.
  • Improved 911 dialing for emergency calls
  • Call waiting
  • Voicemail options
  • Long distance calling
  • Call Forwarding
  • Advanced Call Management.
Step into a brave new world of technology with us!

Total Network Solutions provides a complete communication solution for businesses. With the advancement in communication technology, VoIP has become the definitive choice for phone service for both consumers and businesses. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a established technology that lets anyone place phone calls over an internet connection. It is far better and convenient than an analogue phone.

Total Network Solution is offering powerful features that are seldom found in a traditional phone service. You can handle an unlimited number of calls at an affordable rate. This will help you save tons of money on unnecessary expenditure.

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